sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011

The joy of moonlight sonata

Concerns about facts neither of both had lived,
We as possible witnesses of broken models in an unknown future,
Outside the grass jumpers play music to the moon
You awaken by birds sings to the sun and the bee around pretending ignore you
 even not content, distract the bright stars from me.

The moonlight sonata unites our heart in the same beat
through the wireless that today lift us to antique letters.

The silence became our perfect scenario
miles of deep blue kingdom were not distant enough
to keep the Ode of joy
that enters as whisper to our ears.

Souls embrace in just one stare
differences now die forgotten to the act of your lips on mine
and the heat of our bodies presence the classic dance
where merciless time catches us play with the wind and fire.

Angels are praying these ashes travels springs and autumns
to conceive the pleasure of our desires
that unconsciously rejoices every dawn
with hopes to wake up under warm sheets
where the brown land and the blue sea meet in a smile
 after eruptions accept cool drops of dews
and the night ends with the promise of a morning next to you.


Nicole García. 29/Nov./2011

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